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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00 at 10:00, a deadly shooting at a house party in arlington. tonight, police are searching for the armed and dangerous suspect. home and neighboring residents damaged during an early morning fire in montgomery county. the simple mistake one person made
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dc self proclaimed sample is a queen found dead. we rewind to the crime as nori amaya's brother seeks justice for his sister nearly one decade after the murder. thanks for joining ii'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. police need your help tracking down a murder suspect. jason allen johnson is wanted and believed to be armed and dangerous. police provided this new photo. you can see the tattoo. lindsay watts is following at the story. live at the arlington police department with new information about the victim. lindsay? >> reporter: shawn and tony, i have been talking to close friends of the victim, 23-year-old mike ray. he went to high school in prince william's county. just a popular guy. you can tell by all of the people who are remembering him on social media tonight. friends say
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someone would go after him like this. right now, they're hoping that the suspect who you just saw is caught soon. >> law the most car ris mask guy >> friends are in did disbelief he's gone. >> it happened at a house party in the williamsberg section of arlington. police haven't said what led up to the killing. friends say they heard gray was targeted. they don't know why >> the confident and happy to guy just took every room by storm that he entered. as you saw by the love outpouring on facebook, you can tell everybody was impacted by him. in some way >> we were at a basketball game together recently. we had saw him there and i saw how his younger brother looked up to him so much and his family was there and he was in a real great face, i never seen him like that befo
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wood bridge. he was well-known and well liked. a group of friends went to visit with his mom and little brother >> it was one of the most devastating events i think i've ever witnessed personally >> everyone hoping now that the man police say murdered gray will be found and brought to justice. >> i know that having this guy caught would be just such a sigh of relief. >> we want to give you one more look at that suspect, jason let me ask you this johnson. he's 37 years old. about 5'5". even though the murder happened here in arlington county. police believe johnson could be hiding out in dc or in prince george's county. again, he is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, don't approach him, call 911 and if you like to reach out to police with anonymous information, call 860's-411-tips.
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lindsay watts fox 5 local news. police are on the scene of a shooting in northeast. witnesses on the scene sell fox 5 a dc fire truck happened to be in the area of the shooting and first responders immediately went to work to help the victim. this happen at bladensburg road and benning road northeast. the victim, we're told is expected to be ok. police say three suspects involved -- three suspects involved in the shooting got away. new a fairfax county man lost his life over the weekend in a tragic accident. he was repairing his car when it suddenly went into reverse and pushed him to the ground. tisha lewis is live with the story. >> reporter: fairfax county police responded and
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an 8-year-old boy was in the car. he was asked by the victim to start the car. that's when the car went into reverse striking a home nearby. 29-year-old was holding on to the steering wheel at the time of the accident, at the time when police say he was thrown from the car to the ground. we're told flentez was repairing his 2001 volkswagen sedan and watching a friend's son. ultimately the car crashed into the home nearby. the home remained boarded up. the incident happened saturday afternoon. his family members from across the country arrived today. >> we will remember with much love the biggest smiles he ever had. he was very friendly and kind with everyone. >> how did you hear about what happened? >> my cousin, his sist
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and told me the horrifying situation. what was going on. >> reporter: we're told that he has family members from peru that are coming to the states. meantime we do know he leaves behind a brother and sister. we're learning more about him, that he was single and would have celebrated his 30th birthday this august. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news it has been just a gorgeous evening across the dc area. check out this video. fox 5 photo journalist. it's a lot cooler now, what a spectacular day that it was. the question. will we see a repeat of those warm temperatures tomorrow >> hi there, tony >> were you just about to say let's check in with sue palka >> that's exactly what i was going to say >> why did i do that? let me
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we got more warm temperatures. maybe that will motivate you to go out to work or head out to school. i don't think people would have showed up. 68 at reagan national. that is so -- that's 20 degrees above normal. more like our late april or early may around here. dulles with 65 and bwi 64. tomorrow we're going to introduce more cloud cover and winds are going to be coming in out of the east and northeast and that will drop the temperature. it will be above average for this time of year. but we'll likely head for the mid 50's tomorrow. we're seeing those temperatures trends down. still not bad. 50 in the district. now you're down to 41 in frederick. hagerstown 47. westminster 46 and you can see that the wind direction started to change out of the northeast. that's a cool
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while they're not going to be gusty, that will transport in colder air. it's a weak front coming down. and as it does, it pushes away the mild air and brings in a little bit more cloud cover, chilly overnight. temperatures where we have been the last three nights with 30's and 40's around to get you started tomorrow morning. we'll likely drop to the mid 30's north and west of dc to near 40 and maybe just a little bit of upper 30's as we look towards the south. that's the set up tomorrow with the high pressure off the coast there funneling in the east winds, we'll have clouds and sun, there could be a few peaks of sun, slight chance tomorrow night late that we could have a very light shower or sprinkle but looks like more places will stay dry than will be wet. we'll talk about when the 70's roll back into town. they are, indeed, still on the seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when to expect them in a few minutes. tony? president trump
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national security advisor today, army lieutenant general h r mcmaster will take over for michael flynn. flynn was forced to resign last he week. mcmaster is a respected military strategyist and is drawing praise already. his appointment does not require senate confirmation protests pops out including here in at the district. the so-called not my president's day rally attracted tens of theys of people. few hundred people showed up at dupont circle. joined in solidarity. >> today i want to talk to people like you. get that message out. this is just a rally on a nice day, we're out here building up entering for the strugglings to come >> the group
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white house vowing to keep up the protest until they say the voices are heard. diplomats at the united nations held a moment of silence. the 64-year-old died suddenly in new york city. the russian minute is industry said shirkin had some kind of cardiac condition. the to conservative political action conference will not allow melo to speak at the conference, he was supposed to be the events's keynote speaker but a video note was clipped where milo said relationships between older men and young teen boys to be beneficial. he responded saying he was not advocating pedophilia and that the video was deceptively edited. homes in germantown were
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garage caught fire. >> sarah simmons is live with that. sarah? >> reporter: tony and shawn, a garage goes up in flames in this germantown neighborhood. reason behind it is something firefighters say they see all too often this time of year, i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: if you ever driven in the dmv, you know what traffic is like. we're going to tell you where our region ranks come it comes to congestion.
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sglefrjtsing in developing, police need your help finding this missing 15-year-old, she was last seen leaving her home in dumfries. her family is concerned for her welfare because she has medical issues. if you've seen this little girl or have information on whereabouts call police l fireplace ashes sparked an early morning fire that destroyed a garage in germantown.
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strong enough to melt the siding on nearby homes. sarah simmons is live in germantown with more on the fire. sarah? >> reporter: shawn, the fire started after midnight this morning. and the flames were so intense it was able to melt siding on a handful of homes nearby. but it was definitely a scene scary for kids home for the president's day holiday. >> everybody ran outside. started knocking on doors getting everybody out. called fire department >> he was inside his room last night when he heard kids screaming in the neighborhood. >> i heard kids outside yelling. i wouldn't have known otherwise. they were yelling get out of the house. >> reporter: his room is near the fronts of the house but around back the garage caught on fire. montgomery county fire investigators say fireplace ashes discarded near the garage sparked a fire. it burned hot enough to melt the siding on surrounding homes and
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the damage was enough to catch the eye of a few neighborhood children. 8-year-old alexus and her brother wanted to do something >> oranges for the people that the garage went on fire and car. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured in the fire. >> lucky it didn't go further. there wasn't wind or anything. besides that. we're lucky. it's just us. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the to montgomery county fire department said this was the second fire involving hot ashes. this is something they see this time of year. ashes can retain the heat several days, which is why you have to handle them carefully.
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metal bucket. they also say make sure pour water inside of the bucket and make sure there's a lid tightly fitted on top of it. few extra steps to make sure your family is safe. that's the latest here in germantown. sarah simmons fox 5 local news. 's new information in the case. nicholas young has been in jail since last august, he bought gift cards and sent codes on back to something he thought was working with isis. it was an undercover agent young's attorneys will claim he was entrapped and plan to put him on the stand at his trial. they also want to see the application to see if the evidence against young was lawfully collected. a ranking for the district that probably comes as no surprise to many commuters. dc has been named one of the most congested
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in the country and the world. marina marraco is live in northwest to break down these ranks for us. >> reporter: the numbers don't lie and a new study shows the washington, dc area ranks amongst the most congested not just in the u.s. but across the world. here is the breakdown because this study comes to us from global traffic score card and they say that the metro washington, dc area ranks sixth in the country for worst traffic congestion and 15th compared to the other 1,064 cities analyzed. took into 38 countries drivers here on average spend 61 hours a year sitting in traffic. dc ranked six behind los angeles, new york, san francisco, atlanta and miami. i think
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we're wasting in congestion and invested it into building a new bridge, we would have a world class transportation system, more time with their families. >> i'm surprised. i felt like we'd be number two, three. especially with all the construction, everything is torn up. it's crazy. we see the infrastructure, we need a better working system. what's happening is metro is breaking down and everyone is driving more. it's crazy >> i don't think it's as bad as california and new york but i think it's terrible and in conjunction with the metro closures and things like that, i think that needs to be fixed. >> reporter: just last week, the department of transportation here in the district published their own study, and they contend that here in the city, traffic is at its worse during the eve
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and if you're wondering where it's at its worse on the key bridge, where at that time of night, the average speed is eight miles per hour. live in northwest dc, marina marraco fox 5 local news. thank you, marina. story developing out of california. a police officer shot and killed. investigators say the a gunman was a gang member recently released from prison. she left work, met up with her dance partner and found dead in her apartment the next morning. murder of a dc salsa queen has police puzzled nearly ten years later.
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♪ it was a president's day
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celebration at mt. vernon to celebrate the nation's founding father marked george washington 285th birthday a wreath was laid at his tom followed by a military demonstration. one of the series of events to commemorate george washington. tonight, one police officer is dead, another in the hospital after a tragic chain of events in los angeles. a gang member got into traffic accident in a stolen car. then got into a shoot-out with two police officers who respond to the accident scene. both officers and the suspects were shot. one officer died at the hospital. the other officer and the suspect are now in stable condition. police say a few hours before this shoot-out, the suspect shot and killed someone else former dc delegate is walter fauntroy is in danger of losing his home. a major effort is underway to help him. the 84-year-old returned to the dc area last summer after spending nearly five
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overseas. oats overcome both legal and health issues recent years. earlier several pastors gathered at a church in northeast to launch a fund-raising effort to help fauntroy. they're trying to raise $700,000 within a month's time. if you'd like to help we have the information listed on our home page at police in montgomery county are asking for help to find an elderly woman with alzheimer's. take a look at this picture and see if you spotted her. she was last seen at her home on kerin road in silver line spring about 3:00. she does not have access to a car and is not familiar with public transportation. the murder of a restaurant and an amateur is salsa dancer
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>> what handied to her after she spoke to someone at the front desk of her apartment? never seen alive again. we rewind to the crime next at 10:00.
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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. top stories tonight police in arlington are looking for the gunman who opened fire at a house party. lindsay watts is live with the latest. lindsay? >> reporter: police here in arlington county want to get this guy. they're working on leads right now. this is jason allen johnson. he's believed to be armed and dangerous. investigators think he could be hiding out in prince george's county or dc. tonight we spoke to friends of the 23-year-old man johnson is accused of killing. we'll have that for you at 11:00. tisha? >> reporter: fairfax county police were called to a centreville neighborhood. they found a man laying dead on the ground. a car smash i do not a heel
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8-year-old was inside the car, and the victim asked that child to start the car and that's when the car went into reverse. the victim was holding the steering wheel. he was thrown from the car to the ground. police are investigating. we spoke with family members who are stunned by this sudden loss of 29-year-old david. president trump named general hr mcmaster as the new national security advisor. he will take over for michael flynn who was forced to resign last week. mcmaster is a respected military strategyist. his appointment does not require senate confirmation. we're still searching for the winter of 2017 but i love this picture i got from tom in virginia. he said look what he saw at his wal-mart over the weekend? they can't wait to ditch these shovels. not much cold air in sight and
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a lot of people are seeing lots of blooming things including today's steve was walking along the path and said plenty of crocus were out. tomorrow will be cooler tonight as we head for the 30's in most areas, more clouds and wind tomorrow coming in out of the northeast going to keep us in the mid 50's maybe low. which is still a bargain for february but not as warm as today or yesterday when we hit 71. today is 68. back to the 60's wednesday, that will be mild and warmer late week. the 70s are in sight on the seven-day forecast. we'll be showing you that coming up in a few minutes. tony? it's one of the district's most chilling unsolved crimes. of nori amaya. she was a 38-year-old free spirit found strangled to death inside her northwest apartment.
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puzzled investigators and her family. paul wagner has tonight's rewind to the crime. >> reporter: it's now been seven long years since he discovered the body of his sister. a shock left him with a bunch of emotions. how could someone do this to nori? >> there's times i want to wake up and call her. i want to hear her voice and go out and have a drink with her. we also went out and had our wine together. and there's nothing you can do. i'm completely understanding of the fact that she's gone. which i wasn't before. >> reporter: carlos struggled
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closed the restaurant on u street and moved to houston but it doesn't last. something was pulling him back >> i didn't want to give up but i needed a break and it didn't work. i had to get back to dc. >> reporter: he reopened the restaurant on connecticut avenue. and kept calling police and prosecutors. what's being done to close the case? >> any update? where are we? any development? and sort of kind of went the same way for the last seven years. >> reporter: on halloween night, nori worked the early shift particular slipping out for the evening, the self proclaimed salsa queen of dc wanted to dance. sample she went to 18th street where she had been dating the owner before heading to the russia house and to bravo where
10:34 pm
partner but didn't stay long and took a cab home. that's nori walking into the lobby about 2:30 in the morning. she stops briefly to talk with someone at the front desk before checking her mail and walking down hallway. when sunday goes by with no word, carlos heads to the apartment monday put but gets no answer. by monday afternoon, he feels something is terribly wrong. that's carlos and his younger sister checking in the the front desk. when carlos and his sister made it inside nori's 11th floor apartment here at the woodner they found her in bed wrapped in a comforter still dressed in her under where but clearly been murdered. when homicide investigators arrived and began to examine the body they found something chilling and shook the veteran investigators, they discovered all of her fingernails had been cut off apparently in an attempt two keep police from getting any
10:35 pm
dna. >> it's just incredible to see and to really understand that there's someone that can do that. that is unique. >> what happened in those couple of days >> first couple days, we were able to definitely conduct numerous interviews. we did not arrive at the point of developing and conducting a case. even today, we're hoping that someone will come forward with any information relative to what happened. the cause of death being fixian due to strangulation and the manner was homicide. >> reporter: the woodner apartment complex is huge. despite that, investigators were unable to come up with a suspect. in part because so many people were wearing halloween costumes. but as the
10:36 pm
progressed. detectives were able to foil the plans to cover his track and were able to discover a dna profile that has been used to rule a number of people out >> they've been tested, also have been eliminated. everyone that i know has given dna willingly. >> reporter: so far no match has been found. match when made will be someone his sister knew. >> yes. oh, yes. >> reporter: seven years later, carlos and his younger sister honor nori by running this italian eatery. where every september 9th, her birthday they invite friend in to celebrate their lives. i'll paul wagner. er.
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a new report says los angeles has the most traffic jams on the planet. average driver wasting 104 hours sitting in gridlock. 11 of the top 25 congested cities are right here in the united states. all that congestion cost the average american more than 1200 bucks in wasted gas and time. there's some good news for drivers, gas prices dropping five cents in the past month. the national average cost for a gallon of unleaded is 2.28. the stock market closed in observation of president's day. the dow s & p 500 and nasdaq are up big this year. health records might not be
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new video of what appears to be the murder of kim jong nam. this captures the moment when two women approach him at the airport. one woman walks up behind kim and appears to cover the face with a cloth. moments later kim is spotted seeking help before taken to a medical cling. died on the way to a hospital. the suspected murder has caused a diplomatic rift between north
10:42 pm
>> at the moment, we cannot not interrupt the investigation by the malasian police. >> malasian police have detained four people in connection with kim's death. what remains unclear is whether north korean leader kim jong un gave the order to kill his half brother. president trump in florida >> he implied there was some sort of attack or something like that in sweden because of the country's immigration policies. the problem? there was no attack of any kind. listen to what the president said >> look at what's happening in germany. you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden. who would believe this? sweden, they took in large numbers, having problems like they never thought possible. you look at what >> the president's remarks prominented the swedish agency to reach o
10:43 pm
the prime minister reacted to the comment tweeted suicide sweden terror tack? what has he been smoking. president trump wrote my statement to what's happening in sweden was in reference to a story concerning immigrants and sweden >> he calls the media the enemy of american people. one state is considering a law that would allow pet owners to write avenue thousands of dollars worth of vet bills. we'll explain. coming up at 11:00. it has trouble. find out how nearly a dozen passengers managed to bypass security at one of the nation's business easiest airports.
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one state is considering a law that would allow pet owners
10:47 pm
dollars worth of vet bill >> it would establish a tax credit for dogs and cats. they would be able to write off half of the money they spend up to $2,000 a year. the average cost is less than 250 annually and more complex procedures can add up to thousands if you want your pet to travel in style. one of america's business easiest airports is ready to handle four-legged passengers. a privately owned airport terminal recent opened at jfk. it features to areas to handle horses, dogs and other animal that is fly across the country. there's a vet on staff. and an area to quarantine animals from overseas. >> i did not see something for flamingois >> it's bitter sweet good-bye to a
10:48 pm
>> boa boa is going to china tomorrow but as fox 5 bob barnard shows us she put on one last show today. >> she's so cute. >> she spent her last full day in washington doing what giant pandas normal dollar. munching on bamboo >> pandas bring people from all weeks of life together and there's a magic about them. we call it panda power. >> reporter: she's been meandering about. >> we've been watching the camera cam pretty much every day. >> going to sleep. it's been quite an obsession. >> reporter: evan and lisa have come a great distance to see boa boa one last time >> we live in new york. we've been down a couple of times, we knew we couldn't miss it. >> reporter: the highlight what you was a gift to boa boa from zoo
10:49 pm
>> she knows we love her so much here and definitely putting on a show for all of us. >> reporter: it was watching the what zoo staff call an ice cake >> she realized. she tore off the top and ate it >> almost human like about them the way they use their paws and hold things. they remind me of my cat some behaviors. but they look soft and cuddly. we have to remember they're wild bears with sharp teeth and long claws. >> reporter: boa boa leaves the only home she's known tuesday. she'll head to dulles airport for the afternoon 16-hour flight to china. transported in this crate she's been getting used to. >> it's hard to let her go. we had to be here for last day to say good-bye to her and see her in the fir one last
10:50 pm
>> playful to baby brother bey-bey, is just 18 months old, so there's time to enjoy him. after saying so long to big sister boa boa. national sue in northwest, bob barnard fox 5 local news >> boa boa will be missed businesses across dc are celebrating the beloved panda including burger and shake down the street from here >> one of the fairest places, i'm a frequent customers. you're making a special burger in boa boa's honor >> in honor of her going away, we did a bye-bye boa boa burger >> what kind of meat is this? >> it's not panda. boa boa is a vegetarian we decided to do a burger with a white and black bean burger and her pet
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>> we'll be telling you everything coming up at 11:00 hi there, tony and shawn and chef jeff. what else is exciting is our weather that we have been enjoying the past three days, temperatures so well above average. including today, when we hit 68 degrees. dulles 65 and bwi 64. now, we got to take about ten, maybe 12 degrees off these temperatures for tomorrow. we are going to be a little bit cooler but still above average and average is 48 in this incredibly mildly month of february. we're going to come in closer to 56 degrees tomorrow. but we'll be right back to 67 on wednesday and your warmest days this week and the days i promised to show you in the 70's, thursday and friday, we'll see if we get to close to records on thursday and friday, once we get a little bit closer. another couple
10:52 pm
you can see that it is cooler toward new york city, that's not bad for this time of year. notice the wind direction, we're going to have a cooler on shore flow tomorrow. and that the why temperatures are going to be coming down a little bit including overnight. 36 degrees dulles and gaithersburg, 34. 41 in the district. not bad but cooler than it was this morning. high pressure off the coast will continue to load us up with a little bit of cloud cover tomorrow. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy, from time to time, we'll get sunshine through it but there will be noticeable clouds around and that's why with not as much sun we'll be cooler than we were. but not bad for february. so starting tomorrow morning, 43 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, little bit chilly compared to where we have been. by 4:00, 56 on the cool side a lot of clouds. north and west of dc low 50's, maybe mid 50's, about 60 for
10:53 pm
way of cloud cover. we start to see an increasing closer to morning, there will be periods in when there's sunshine getting through as well. wait for the end of the week, 15 to 25 above normal for us on, as you know, thursday and friday. we keep it in the upper 60's heading into saturday. we may see thunderstorms rumbling around. no surprise. a stronger fronts will drop sunday to 52. monday 53, all of these days, it's been an unbelievable month. the capitol is changed their hockey sticks for golf clubs for great cause >> post on social media has a free agent question if he will be back with the team. jim lokay has the details coming up in sports.
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more than a car, it's a subaru.
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people are wondering why they're behaving wildly. love to keep on hailing to the skins but is the team on board. we hear the team hasn't reached out to any free agents. garcson may be on to something. popped up on instagram. it says simply you hiring? of course. garcson is a free agent but making the off season. you got to see this, garcson and desean jackson who is also a free agent teamed up to become the skin's first duo. we'll do the math, they combined for a third of team's completion
10:58 pm
when you pair these guys together, they're a potent duo and the departure of one let alone both will leave a hole that can't soon be easily filled. let's talk hockey >>. they call it wish upon a par. the caps fans were there to george golf and game, they did the silent auction, they do these things to raise money and some of the oh wish kids partners from the cancer initiatives were there seeing the praises as how make a wish and caps changed lives. >> that wish that make a wish gave me impacted my recovery and was a key role how i recovered so well. like i am today. and this washington capitols are taking their time off and coming in and spending time with kids like me, and they're really putting a smile on everyone's face >> i've been in communication who was
10:59 pm
rank earlier this year and he told me last night how excited he was to be here and see the guys again. it's something that sticks with them for awhile. that's the whole goal is to make some sort of lasting memories. he had brain cancer in remission thank goodness, his wishes were back in 2005 and he ended up signing a one-game deal with the wizards. and the capitols, part of hockey fights cancer and they wore his name in a jersey during the pregame to honor him. >> they form those bonds. it's fun to watch >> i love to see those stories. makes a difference. >> thank you guys fox 5 news at 11:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. at 11:00, the man hunt for this murder suspect and new details about the
11:00 pm
killed at a weekend house party. the clubbed commute. what we learned from a new traffic study and how our terrible traffic stacks up against others world wide. >> saying bye-bye to boa boa with a special burger. i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. his name is jason johnson. police believes he armed and dangerous. he's accused of shooting and killing a man had a house party in arlington last weekend. lindsay watts is live at the arlington police department with new information tonight about the victim. lindsay? >> reporter: i've been talking tonight to friends of the victim. 23-year-old mike gray. he went to high school in prince william's county and seems to be a really popular guy. i found a lot of people remembering him right now on social media. friends tell me they don't know why someone wou


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